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Friday, December 14, 2012

Women's Clothing Giveaway - February 23, 2014!!!

Photo by Shoshana Weisner
Looking forward to seeing you at this year's Women's Clothing Giveaway VIII
at Germantown Jewish Centre,
February 23, 2014.

The hours are Sunday, 11:00 to 3:00.

We will be sorting the clothes on Saturday night, with some wine and cheese to make the task more fun.  If you'd like to volunteer on Saturday night or Sunday, please contact GenieBud <at>
This year's international women's cause is Dining For Women.  Local representatives will be on hand to explain how Dining For Women helps women and girls around the world.

Please drop off your donation of gently used clothing during the week prior to the event.We will be accepting donations in our outdoor bins by the Ellet Street School Building door, as well as by the side door, entered via the driveway to the parking lot.  For security reasons, we cannot accept donations left in bags by the entrances, so please leave your clothing only in the bins.  These will be out from Sunday 2/16 through Friday 2/21 at these times:

Sunday: 9am till 12:30pm
Mon, Tues, Thurs: 8am--6pm
Weds: 8am--8pm
Friday: 8am--4pm

Our rules are simple: bring as much or as little as you like, take home as much or little as you like, within reason.  We welcome quantity shoppers AFTER 2:00 PM
photo credit Shoshan Weisner
From 11-2, we ask participants to share the wealth and limit yourself to a shopping bag or 2.  After 2:00, no limit, take as much as you like.   

Last year Dr. Ann Shlay, a sociologist, interviewed participants about what they like about the clothing swap.  Some liked the nearly free clothes, some liked the eco-friendliness of new-to-you clothes, some liked that it raised money for women in need, but the far and away most common answer was: because it's fun!  So come and join us.


  1. For anyone unfamiliar with the area, GJC is located at 400 W. Ellet St., Philadelphia PA 19119

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